Tourism - Environment, two worlds with an interdependent relationship with the ability to last in time with respect and love.

We in Kostis Villas believe that our natural resources and the way we manage them are important factors so that the tourism development of Poros becomes an institution and a stable value for our island.

We are bound to the following environmental commitments:
  • Full compliance with any legislative or other requirement that falls within our activities.
  • Work in every possible way to protect the environment so that we can help our land and achieve our goals.
  • Training of our staff on environmental protection and conscience issues.
  •  Collaboration with neighboring organizations to protect and preserve the natural beauty of our island.
  • Inform our guests about the environmental awareness of our accommodation in order to encourage their active participation.
  • Μechanical energy saving cards are used in all rooms/suites. The purpose is to avoid unreasonable electricity consumption and also the risk of fire.
  • At Kostis Villas all windows and doors are fitted with aluminum double glazing.
  • All the lamps of our accommodation are "LED" type with high energy efficiency.
  • The external tile roofs maximize the sun's reflection, thus minimizing the temperature inside the accommodation.
  • Large solar water heaters produce hot water for all the day's needs of all the rooms.
  • Guests could show during their stay their awareness for the conservation of the island's natural resources.
  • They could turn off or shut down all electrical appliances that are not in use (TVs, air conditioners, laptops, etc), close the tap during tooth washing and not leave the taps of the apartment running unnecessarily.
  • Additionally, and upon request a day ahead, guest can opt in to avoid the change of linen.