means "crossing" and so the island's name comes from the sea crossing of 200m that separates Poros Island from the Peloponnesian coast.

Since ancient times, Poros comprised of two islands: Sferia, a small islet of volcanic origin where the small traditional town of Poros is found, and the green Kalavria, connected by a narrow sea channel.

Poros is one of the Saronic Islands, the greenest and nearest to Peloponnese, with taxi-boats and a small ferryboat providing frequent transfers from and to Galatas Harbor.

Appealing and easily accessible destination

From Athens, it is a 2 ½ hours drive through Epidaurus • From Piraeus, it is an 1 hour trip on a dolphin and a 2 ½ hours trip on a ferry boat

Διακοπές Πόρος
Διαμονή στον Πόρο
Vacation Poros, Greece
Hotels Poros island, Greece

Having Poros as your base, you can visit neighboring locations during daily excursions, such as trips to: Athens, Hydra Island (½ hour), Spetses Island (1 hour) and Aegina Island (½ hour). Also, sightseeing excursions around Peloponnese and to the famed sites of Mycenae, the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, Nafplio and Ancient Corinth, and even Ancient Olympia.

Very close to Kostis Villas, you can find two super markets, restaurants on the beach, a gym and bicycle/bike rentals shops so you can explore all of Poros island...

Poros town has nothing to envy of the modern city services making life easier and ideal...