Our complex is a small beautiful tourist accommodation with only 20 rooms with no gatherings of the guests in the common areas.

It is located in the most popular settlement of Poros, Askeli with just a short distance of 2km from the port and 100m from the magical beach Askeli with a 5 minute walk so you won't need any means of transportation. Also with a taxi in just 4-5 minutes and with only 4-5 euros you can move anywhere in the city, the port etc.

From the very beginning of March, when the pandemic problem arose, we started thinking about ways to protect our guests with strict hygiene and cleanliness rules that were and are our priority, clarifying that we follow all prescribed disinfection measures, especially in rooms, with increased sensitivity. Our staff consists of a few people that have been properly trained.

Our apartments are located in buildings that are at a distance from each other and with separate entrances so overcrowding will be avoided.

Greece had few casualties and especially Poros and the surrounding islands none.

After all this, we are ready to fully meet the high expectations of our guests and to host them in the best way, as every year, in our self-catering apartment complex.

The Kostis Villas Family